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Within our products we can divide the instrumentation into two main categories: seismographs for subsurface exploration and seismographs for seismic or structural monitoring.

The seismographs for exploration are DoReMi and GeoBox.
These two require the use of a small laptop to use. They are used to reconstruct the buried geology and describe the elastomechanical characteristics of the soil. Knowing its physical properties allows you to build safely and in compliance with technical construction regulations.

The seismographs for monitoring are mainly SL06 and VelBox, the first is a recording system to which external sensors of various types can be connected, it is capable of continuously recording the seismic signal for months, it is also ideal for structural monitoring such as bridges , dams, etc. The second, Velbox, is an all-in-one system, i.e. an SL06 that incorporates sensors; it can be used and installed more quickly in the field both for rapid measurement campaigns (for example aftershock detection) and for permanent installations.

There are other solutions oriented to specific sectors of use such as DigitalArray, TerraBot or Edugeo, examine their specific sections for more details.

All our products can be integrated or customized with various accessories or configured to adapt to heterogeneous environmental conditions such as installations on the seabed or on glaciers.