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The VelBox is a high performance seismograph based on our  SL06. It has 3 velocitimeters embedded  (SS-45/20 or SS-10/05/02/01) so it can record high resolution seismic signal and save the data with his USB flash memory embedded.

Different kind of communication protocol are provided, like FTP client and server and  different kind of transmission protocol, like SeedLink for real time data transmission, are provided for the software like Earthworm, Seislog, SeiscomP, ect.
All of this is possible with our software SEISMONUX, that is flexible and ease to use.

The low level of noise allows to record the data with a very high quality that can reach and in some cases to have better quality in comparison with the high-end instruments.

The robust case, milled from a solid aluminum block can resist a very high load level in case of collapse, protecting the data in the memory.

the VelBox is excellent for small network or temporary network or as permanent station for seismic monitoring, or for structural monitoring and modal analysis.



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Triaxial velocitimeter for permanent monitoring, but it can be used for temporary surveys. Exceptional connectivity and automation features. Works even in standalone mode.

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