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Remote Support

Through this service you can receive technical assistance directly to your PC.
By downloading the program from this link, you allow us, under your authorization and supervision, to access your computer for the time necessary to fix the problem.
This service is also very useful to provide remote training for the use of our software.

When the connection is terminated, by you or by us, it is no longer possible for us to access again except under your supervision, since the password generated by the software changes for every session; this way your privacy is safe.

The program used is RustDesk.

 Download RustDesk

WARNING! DO NOT RENAME THE DOWNLOADED FILE, otherwise it will not work properly.

Once the connection ends and the program on your computer is closed, we will no longer be able to access. We should receive the work session identification code and password again, which changes with each login.


Remote Support

Instruments assistance and support

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