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With the same data quality of the SR04. The SL06 is a digitiser and a recorder that allows to use different internet services. TCP/IP, HTTP, TELNET, FTP and SMTP. The connectivity to seismic software is guarateed with the LINUX OS by miniseed and SeedLink.
The memory capability is based on popular USB memory units.

Although the instrument is optimized for work with electrodynamic sensor (velocitimeters) it can be used for FB sensors even from third companies or broadband sensors.

The SL06 with 3 channel has a power consumption of 3W that allows to use it for remote permanent monitoring with limited energy power.

the SL06 has different versions:

  • SL06BB - BroadBand: usable with our BradBand sensor SS-08.
  • SL06 - 3 channel: usable with our passive sensors (SS-45/20) or active (SS-10/08/02/01, SA-10 o MEMS) from mono to triaxial, embedded or external and on the surface or in well (SS-BHV o SA-BHV).
  • SL06 - multichannel 4, 6, 8, 9, 12: usable with our passive sensors (SS-45/20) or active (SS-10/08/02/01, SA-10 o MEMS) from external mono to triaxial  and on the surface or in well (SS-BHV o SA-BHV).
  • SL06 - DP: usable with our SR04 or another digitiser.

The SL06 can be used for a wide range of applications, from seismology (seismic monitoring Oil & Gas reservoir monitoring e seismic early warning), engineering (structural monitoring e modal analysis) to geophysical survey (HVSR).


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Seismograph with 3,4,6,8,9,12 channels for permanent monitoring. Exceptional connectivity and automation features.


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