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The EduGeo seismograph was developed for the hobbyists, without keeping apart the quality. Based on our SR04, the EduGeo is an instrument with high performances for a non-professional client. It is able to digitize the seismic signal and give the data flow in continuous at different SPS.

With the RS-232 adaptor and the GPS, is possible to connect it to a PC and keep it syncronized at the UTC time, allowing to share data with other networks and to compare the elaboration with official institutions.

With the  Suite SeismoWIN it is possible to handle every aspect of the acquisition, elaboration, publication and sharing of the data recorded.

Many of our client, private user and schools, that have bought our instrument, have became affilied to "Rete sismica sperimentale italiana IESN" (, allowing to monitor our territory, share knowledge, forming and informing the population generating awareness.

The EduGeo can be used in school or for didattic pourpose, but it can be used as a regular station of a temporary and/or amateur network (territory monitoring).


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Low-cost seismograph 3 channels, with or without GPS, recommended for amateur monitoring and/or educational activities. Need a PC to record data.

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