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Our seismograph DoReMi is an instrument that reflect our production philosophy. Fully modular, with a very high quality/price ratio is an instrument with digital telemetry with definite advantages.
All the electrical part (digitiser) are distributed along the cable. That allows to choose the amount of channels and giving the immunity from electro-magnetic pollution.
The battery embedded in the interface and in the booster make the instrument independent and safer.

The digitalization close to the geophone, with our 16bit or 24bit channels, reduce the noise level recorded, and the digital transmission delete the data loss and the crosstalk phenomena.

The possibility to use different geophones and different sensor designed for downhole survey (SS-BH-5C) with different acquisition techniques, makes the instrument extremely flexible, giving the possibility to perform a very wide range of geophysical survey.

The DoReMi is usable for all the geophysical active exploration techniques (MASWRefractionReflexionDownhole) and passive techniques (ReMiESAC/SPAC).


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Multichannel seismograph with digital telemetry, fully modular.
MASW, REMI, Refraction, Reflexion, Downhole, etc.

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