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Sara Electronic Instruments

SARA operates on geophysical market since more than two decades. Our technology is offering instrumentation for earthquake and exploration seismology. Our electronic experience and industrial knowledge and our collaboration with researcher, professor and technician has allowed us to create a wide range of instruments with an excellent price/quality ratio.


Our references are our installation.
the map shows the distribution of our instruments worldwide.

Our most important istallation are:


  1. Instruments and software supply for the San Potito Seismic well array and seismic network, installed and managed by SOLGEO (Edison)

  2. Instruments and software supply for the Cellino Attanasio seismic network, installed and managed by SOLGEO (Edison)

  3. Instruments and software supply for the Tempa Rossa seismic network, installed and managed by SOLGEO (Total)

  4. Sensors and software supply installed by SOLGEO for ENI, Oil&Gas monitoring in Italy

  5. Seismic stations and software supply for the IESN seismic network
  6. Otomin CO2 storage seismic network (Spain)

  7. Over 300 ACEBOX stations supply for the strong motion seismic network (Turkey), installed by SENTEZ (AFAD)

  8. Stations and sensors suppley for the BINA seismological observatory

  9. Digitizers and sensors supply for the Larderello geothermal sesmic monitoring for Enel Green Power

  10. Supply of instruments and sensors for the geothermal field in Ferrara HERA energy company
  11. Multiparametric monitoring on Filomena delli Castelli Bridge, in Montesilvano, Pescara, Italy in collaboration with Università Politecnica delle Marche
  12. Dynamic monitoring of Torrette Hospital in Ancona, Italy
  13. Dynamic monitoring of Duomo di Milano made with our instrumentatoin by the Politecnico di Milano
  14. Dynamic monitoring Brivio's Bridge over Adda River (North Italy), by Politecnico di Milano
  15. Surface and Borehole Accelerometers for the pilot prohect of Earthquake Early Warning System of the high speed Railways Roma Napoli







Over dozens of professional geologist and engineers, private citizens and voluntary associations and civil protection volunteers.



Partner companies recommended by us for seismic and engineering services:


Seismic Monitoring and geophysical survey of soil and structure.


Seismic surveys, geophysical prospections.

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Pacini Lando

Geology, geophysics, water research, on-site tests.


Stragapede Francesco

Geophysics, geotechnics, hydrogeology, on-site tests.


Giovanni Bongiovanni

Structural experimental dynamic analysis and structural identification: free field accelerometers analysis, processing and interpretation. Dynamic characterization of soil; design, installation and array seismic  and accelerometer array on ground and structure management. Seismic hazard analysis and seismic microzonation. Interaction between geological aspect and engineering aspect for the evaluation on the seismic input to a structure.