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Our sensor cover all the need on the modern seismic observatory and and geophysical laboratory.

They can be used with any third parties digitisers over our instruments SL06SR04DoReMi and Digital Array.

We have completely designed and engineered our Force Balance Accelerometer SA-10 and our BroadBand sensor SS-08.

Both of them do not fear performance comparison, and they perform with a signal-to-noise ratio comparabe with all other high-end sensors available in the worldwide market.

We can offer solutions for surface and borehole installation; we can design or customize tools or arrangements for special installations in harsh and aggressive environements (like are found in geothermal installation, for volcanology, glaciology etc...).

In the monitoring field, our SA-10 accelerometers and our SS-xx velocitimeters offer greate reliability and effectiveness with a very good price .

Where the cost is a key factor our passive sensors  SS-45 and SS-20, used with our digitiser with a very low level of instrumental noise, it is possiblle to get uncomparable signal resolution.

Take a look on our show-case over the borehole seismic array to understand the efficiency of the SS-45-Digital Array.