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The project GeoExplorer consists on a series of software designed for the geophysical data processing for soil characterization.

The suite is actually composed by:

    • GeoExplorer DoReMi
      Is the module for the data acquisition with our seismograph DoReMi.
      Download and install the following drivers before installing DoReMi.

    • GeoExplorer MASW
      Processing module for the MASW technique of Rayleigh and Love waves. It allows to do quality control with refraction and between different shots.
    • GeoExplorer SSV
      Innovative way to characterize the soil specifically for search potential water reservoir. It is based on near vertical reflection looking specific seismo-facies.

    • SEISMOWIN LOG-MT (free)
      Is the module for the HVSR data acquisition with our GeoBox or VelBox.
    • GeoExplorer HVSR
      This module allows the HVSR (Nakamura method) data processing with the data recorded with GeoBox VelBox or any other seismograph.

    • GeoExplorer REFRACT
      Complete toolset for soil exploration using refraction methodology with intercept and GRM with a wide variety of signal processing tools.
    • GeoExplorer DOWNHOLE
      This module is actually in development, but the acquisition is already implemented in the DoReMi software. It allows an easy elaboration of the data from our SS-DH-5C or from third party sensor and seismograph.

    • GeoExplorer VIBER
      Analyzer for vibrations according UNI9916 and UNI9614 for damage and disturb in civil or industrial buildings.

    • GeoExplorer MARW
      This module is actually under development, but is already integrated in the DoReMi software giving the possibility record the data, perform a quality check on the field and to analyze them  to generate a 1D model.



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