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Thanks to this software, by associating signals recorded by various stations, it is possible to define events localized in space and time. Of each signal it is possible to visualize the seismogram to identify the arrival times of the P and S waves, the frequency spectrum, and the particle motion to define the angle of origin of the event.

Taking advantage of the features of the SEISMOCONV module, DESK can load signals recorded in different formats in the work environment. SEISMORESP allows the creation of sensor response files (RespFile), which will be automatically loaded by the program for the complete analysis of the signals. SEISMOSTRU allows you to create the database in which the positions of the known stations, their component codes and the various crustal models that can be used will be saved.

All the localized events are saved in a database, SEISMOREPORT can then display the report of the events located on the map and create reports, automatically dividing them even on social networks.

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Automatic event geolocation module.

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