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This software, included in the SEISMOWIN suite, is able to simultaneously acquire from the network the signal of multiple seismographs, biaxial, triaxial or multi-axial.

SEISMOLOG stores all data acquired on a local or shared disk. It is able to carry out triggering in width or STA / LTA of events, which are automatically saved in a customizable folder. Furthermore, thanks to the simple and intuitive interface and the automatic search for channels in a station or server, making the program operational takes very little time.

Others functions of SEISMOLOG:

  • Multi-window display management.
  • Automatic deconvolution.
  • Production of station health status files, readable by SEISMOSTRU.
  • Automatic storage folder cleaning function.
  • High pass and low pass filters in real time.
  • Generation DRUM 24H and DRUM FFT.
  • Synthesis of the input signal for duplications.
  • Conditional triggering between channels and stations (requires the generation of a station database with SEISMOSTRU).

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Contemporary acquisition from seismological stations.

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