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During the last decades seismological monitoring evolved with use of denser seismic networks and introduction of various aperture seismic arrays, and borehole arrays.

This has made it possible to significantly improve the minimum level of recognition of an event. Use of advanced data processing techniques, such as "beam forming", the F-K analysis of the signal, makes it possible to analyze the apparent speed and the back-azimuth angle of the wavefront, allowing the localization of events of very low magnitude, even less than 0.

In 2018 in collaboration with INGV, we have created an array (Central Italian Seismic Array) with a maximum radius of 1000m, made up of 9 triaxial velocimetric of 5 seconds sensors.

The red star represents the placement of the C.I.S.AR Array.
Localization of all events occurred from 01/01/2019 to 07/22/2019.

The array made it possible to locate various events in the Monti Martani, near Perugia and the clusters that were activated in Giano dell'Umbria and Spoleto.

Qui di seguito vengono mostrati i dati registrati dalle stazioni nelle ultime 24h, in formato DRUM.

Below are shown the data recorded by the stations in the last 24h, in DRUM format.

Attention! The images must be considered for informational purposes only.
They must not be used for warning or damage assessment!

Notice: In this moment the array is under modifications and some sensors will be suppressed, other relocated and new experimental sensors will be used.





























Central Italy Seismic Array

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