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The digitiser SR04 3 channels is an instrument with high performance designed to digitize the signal coming from a sensor, and give the data flow in continuous with different rates. With the possibility to record signal with very low frequencies, and with his very low thermal drift, is an excellent instrument with a very good signal-to-noise and quality/price ratio. It is considered one of the best seismic digitiser.

The SR04 is compact, reliable and ease to use.With the RS232-USB adaptor is possible to connect directly to a PC and with our Suite SeismoWIN s possible to handle the acquisition and to analyze the data recorded.
With its low power consumption (<1W) and the integrated GPS, it is possible to use it on remote location with very small solar panels.

The SR04 was designed for work combined with our sensor, but it can works with other sensor from other companies. The main applications is seismic monitoring and it can works with our SS-45/20 or SS-10/05/02/01 for HVSR surveys.


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Three channels digitiser that can record from any sensor to combine with a PC for data storage.

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