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SEISMOWIN module that provides the user with many useful and convenient tools to design and maintain a seismological network.

SEISMOSTRU allows you to design the network of stations, providing a station positioning tool directly on the map, using point insertion or drag & drop functions. The health status of each station can be monitored. Our SL06s send a .SOH file to a central server on which runs an instance of SEISMOSTRU, the file contains all the vital parameters of the station and the presence of the file itself ensures the correct operation of the station.

It is possible to keep a history of changes made over time, thanks to the History function of the program that allows you to store the status of the stations, in this way you can keep track of old positions occupied by the station of other sensors used, or other useful information .

Other functions of SEISMOSTRU:

  • Display of multiple networks in multi-window.
  • Notify on telegram bot via station health status.
  • Definitions of relationships between stations to improve and filter the SEISMOLOG triggering function.
  • Simple editing of the station database.
  • Display of station status history.

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Generation of a database of networks and stations.

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