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The free DoReMi software is  given with the multichannel digital seismograph  DoReMi.
It is designed for optimize the work on the field managing the acquisitions parameters and use and save preset for the acquisition.
Please install drivers before run this software.

DoReMi is now contained in the GeoExplorer suite, by installing the suite you will have access to the other modules as well as the program itself. Includes an auto-update feature.

Within the software are present different tools for the quality check directly on the field.

The software has 2 specific modules for DownHole and for Reflection (M.A.R.W.) the first one is give for free with the sensor SS-BH-5C and is a management tool of a downhole survey. The second one is a license module that allow to manage the acquisition and the elaboration of a CSD and CMP for a1D model (see Reflection in Applications).

PLEASE NOTE: from the versions 1.2.20 to 1.2.24 could show some connection problem. Please upgrade your version to the last one.


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DoReMi software

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