In this section you will find the documentation useful to get the basic knowledge to use our products, especially in relation to instruments for seismology and geophysics.

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Practical guide to Geopsy
This document (in italian) explains how to use the Geopsy software to process HVSR and MASW surveys.


Geophones comparison: some of the differences between geophones

In this document there are listed some differences between the various types of geophones, especially about their different frequency response and ability to resolve weak signals.


SH refraction

This document details the proper setup of sensors and energizers to carry out refraction surveys in SH waves.


Vibrometric analysis and UNI regulations

Using the SEISMOSURVEY module of the SEISMOWIN software suite you can perform a vibrometric analysis of the signal acquired through your instrument and verify its UNI regulations compliance.

The links below allow you to download a guide on how to use SEISMOSURVEY to perform this type of measures and the files to use in order to automatically set up the program.
Guide                             Settings files
The archive contains the settings file for the vertical axis (settingsz.ini), the settings file for the horizontal axes (settingsh.ini) and the file of the configurations (configs.ini).


DownHole surveys (preliminary)
Downhole surveys can be very simple if the field setup is well done. The DoReMi software makes easy to do it. In this document you will find all the information you need about the topic.


How to connect the SLxx and SRxx series instruments to sensors of other manufacturers
This document explains how to connect an instrument of the SLxx or SRxx series (both based on the SADC20 A/D converter) to some of the most popular sensors on the international market.


Theoretical instrumental noise thresholds of some Sensor+A/D converter pairs
All the seismological instruments can resolve weak signals until a certain threshold. This document shows an estimation of this noise threshold on some Sensor+A/D converter pairs of our instruments and compares it with the natural noise level, that is always worldwide present, known as Peterson noise model.


Recomended readings

– Handbook of Geophysical Exploration – Seismic Exploration Volume 1 – Basic Theory of Exploration Seismology
ISBN: 0080370195