This section discusses our solutions for the vibrations recording in the civil engineering field.

This section shows our products for the dynamic structural monitoring.
The product range varies from 3 channel digitizers to multichannel arrays with real time acquisition capabilities.
We can offer modules and systems to adapt and convert old devices and/or seismic networks.
A wide range of sensors (MEMS accelerometers, geophones, Force Balance velocimeters, etc …) completes the products assortment.

Vibrometric acquisitions for modal analysis that uses the environmental noise must work with high sensitivity sensors, especially when applied to rather rigid structures. The Digital Array system can embed both velocimetric and accelerometric high sensitivity sensors, among which there also are our FBA sensors.

One of the new applications of our instruments is the use of the SL06 as a key element for seismic early warning and monitoring of the buildings state of health. The SL06 can work both by itself and in an SL06 network, allowing to implement very fast and reliable alert measures.