This page contains the description and documentation about our current production of equipment for seismic monitoring and characterization of the soil, as well as various types of sensors.

The range of our products begins from the cheap SR04 EDUGEO seismograph, suitable for Civil Defence groups of volunteers, schools and home users; the professional SR04 sensor can be connected to various types of sensors such as the SS45, the SS20, the SS05, the SS08 broadband seismometer, or the SA10 accelerometer; the same applies to the SL06 Linux based recorder, the top end of our production, that is also able to work as an early warning device.

Geologists will appreciate the products for the soil exploration, that allow to perform the geophysical characterization of the site and to estimate the Vs30 parameter as well as the f0 parameter, both on the ground and on structures.

A variety of accessories completes the products range; the most popular are the PVC supports for geophones, that allow to easily use the geophones even on hard surfaces, and the domed support, a patented device which make fast and stable the placement of any seismograph of our production on any type of ground.