This section contains links to articles about studies or test performed using our instruments or about our instruments.



Norwegian Technical Report N.20
This document details the issues of the miniSeed encoding and of the Steim1 and Steim2 seismic data compression techniques. This data transmission protocol is relatively complex, therefore the article aims to help you to understand it, especially dealing with the pitfalls of the Big-Endian versus the Little-Endian encoding.
(article for developers)


Norwegian Technical Report N.21
This document illustrates the features of the SEISLOG software used in a Linux Embedded environment.


Norwegian Technical Report N.25
Shallow shear velocity structure in two sites of Khartoum, Sudan using methods of seismic dispersion and ambient noise.
The article explains how to use our equipment for the above purpose.


Norwegian Technical Report N.25b
This document describes the seismic station of the Jan Mayen Island, installed in 2005.


Norwegian Technical Report N.26
This document shows a comparative test of signal resolution capacity among various seismic sensors (an STS2 broadband sensor and recorders equipped with 4.5Hz and 2Hz sensors). This article is very helpful to understand how it is possible to perform background noise measures up to very low frequencies (below 0.2Hz, 5 seconds) using sensors of relatively high natural frequency.


Evaluation of the clip level of the SS45 + SL06 Sensor+A/D converter pair
This document, written by the Istituto di Oceanografia Sperimentale of Trieste, shows an evaluation of the maximum signal level that an SL06 station with an SS45 sensor can deal with.


Early warning system in Nicaragua
This document (Spanish) talks about the production of an early warning system for natural meteorological and seismic events using some of our instruments.


Study on the topographic site effects in Castelvecchio Subequo (AQ)
This document is about a study made by the IGAG (Istituto di Geologia Ambientale e Geoingegneria del CNR) in Castelvecchio Subequo (AQ) where the microtremor surveys were done with our SL06 instrument.